From Chicago Bears training camp, The Chicago Sun-Times’ Rick Telander and Rick Morrissey chatted about many of the characters that helped make the 1985 Chicago Bears special.

Their conversation quickly moved to a comparison of Jay Cutler and Jim McMahon.


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“Jim McMahon, is basically, work with me here, Jay Cutler on a really good team,” Morrissey said. “I’m talking about in terms of attitude. Not an easy guy to deal with. If Jay Cutler were on that team and they won, would we love the guy?”

“No,” Telander said quickly.

“Jim McMahon wore his sleeves really short so he could identify with those offensive lineman,” Telander said. “He bonded with those guys in a way that I don’t think Jay Cutler has in him. Now he would be respected of course. But, he would be a sidekick. I can’t see the city ever loving Jay Cutler.”