Sneed source: Daley had difficulty speaking, impaired vision

Written By By Michael Sneed Posted: 02/02/2014, 02:32am
Array Mayor Richard Daley during dedication of Chicago Fire Department new $8.5 million fire boat at Burhman Harbor and named in in honor of Firefighter Christopher Wheatley, killed fighting a fire in 2010, Thursday, May 5, 2011. | John H. White~Sun-Times

Sneed is told former Mayor Richard M. Daley, who was taken via ambulance to Northwestern Memorial Hospital Friday night, was being checked out for stroke-like symptoms that he started suffering while attending a conference in Phoenix, Ariz.

Sneed hears Daley’s vision was impaired and he had difficulty talking on Friday but was cleared by doctors to fly home. He walked off a private plane at Midway Airport without assistance.

A Daley source, however, emphasized to Sneed that the situation was “not dire,” although most members of his family — including children Patrick and Lally — have been coming and going to the hospital.

“Daley is a healthy guy so it was unusual when he complained of not feeling well,” the Daley source said.

However, Sneed sources claim it was a little more serious than that and they wanted to take no chances, which is why a Chicago Fire Department ambulance was requested to arrive before the plane landed.

Sports superstitions and malarkey . . .

Oink! Sneed is serving up pigskin appetizers for sports fans engorging on the Super Bowl smack down Sunday.

◆ To wit: Lucky charms are nothing new to players in the sports arena, but here’s a few tasty talisman tidbits from Chicago sports stars to chew on in addition to chicken wings.

Dent data . . .

Former Bear Richard Dent, who is at the Super Bowl in New Jersey this weekend, claims he ate waffles, sausage — and drank hot tea with ginseng for breakfast before every game.

◆ Exhaust ‘em: The irrepressible Dent always had to do everything “left first, right second” before every game . . . “put on his left sock and shoe before doing the right one; even taping his left ankle first before the game,” according to sports guru Grant DePorter, who is collecting memorabilia and superstitions from local athletes for his new Chicago Sports Museum at Water Tower Place.

Otis data . . .

Former Bear Otis Wilson insisted every piece of clothing on his body had to be new for each game, which included his shoes. “Everything,” DePorter said.

Kittle bits . . .

Former White Sox player Ron Kittle maintained an eat beat: If he had a good game, he would eat the exact same meal again and again — and would continue to do so until he had a bad game.

◆Kittle also claims every time he was at bat, he’d rake the dirt in front of the batter’s box with his cleats and draw a small straight line pointing to the pitcher’s mound — to ensure he was always standing straight.


$$$$$?????? Star Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning, who yelled the ostensible quarterback code “Omaha” at least 75 times during his last two games, could ostensibly parlay that into cash.

◆ Money shot: Omaha Steaks told USA TODAY Sports that it wants to talk to Manning about a possible deal after the Super Bowl using the slogan: “Real Mannings eat beef.”

◆ Travel shot: Denver International Airport has put an exclamation point after every mention of Omaha − Omaha! − on its departure, arrival and gate screens.

◆ Crap shoot: Las Vegas bookies are taking bets on how many times Manning will say “Omaha?” Odds are over/under 27.5.

Sneedlings . . .

Congrats! Tony Durpetti celebrates his 70th birthday Saturday, as well as his 45th wedding anniversary to the love of his life, wife Marion . . . Mayor Rahm Emanuel was spotted at Harry Caray’s on Kinzie Thursday night . . . Saturday’s birthdays: Lisa Marie Presley, 46; Don Everly, 77, and Harry Styles, 20 . . . Sunday’s birthdays: Shakira, 37; Christie Brinkley, 60, and Ina Garten, 66.

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