Hadiya Pendleton’s murder anniversary brings attention to other teen homicides: Mitchell

Written By By MARY MITCHELL Posted: 03/03/2014, 11:49am

Last week, family and friends of Hadiya Pendleton came together to keep the memories of their daughter alive.

Hadiya was 15-years-old when she was gunned down in a park not far from King College Prep High School. Two alleged gang-bangers were quickly rounded up and charged.

Because the shooting happened mere blocks from President Barack Obama’s Chicago home in the Kenwood-Oakland Community, the Hadiya shooting became a national story that focused a harsh spotlight on the city’s gun violence.

“Instead of being lost in the unfortunately never-ending headlines of Chicago violence, our daughter quickly became the picture of our country’s gun violence problem,” wrote Cleopatra Cowley-Pendleton and Nathaniel Pendleton in an Op-Ed piece published in the Chicago Tribune on Wednesday, the one-year anniversary of the girl’s death.

For many, the teen’s death was terrifying because it brought the gun violence closer to their own backyards.

But while Hadiya’s death is a painful example of the immense talent that is lost when young people are killed, she is not the face of Chicago’s gun victims. The face of Chicago’s gun violence continues to be black and male.

The same year Hadiya was murdered, more than 100 young people under age 20 also were killed. Although a recent report found shooting incidents involving victims 16 and younger last year dropped 40 percent over 2012, such reports are of little comfort to those who have lost loved ones to gun violence.

It is my hope that every parent who has suffered this terrible loss find the support they need to cope with their grief.

To that end, these are the other teens killed in 2013. They should be remembered as well:

William Aikens, 18,

Jovantay Alexander, 19,

Robert Allen, 19,

Antonio Alves, 18,

Kevin Ambrose 19,

Leonard Anderson, 17,

Tyshon Anderson, 18,

Cory Atwater , 19,

Jeremy Bafunsho, 19,

Kevin Baker, 19,

Kenneth Barbour, 18

Clifton Barney, 17,

Carlos Barron, 19,

Daquan Boyd, 18,

Geanni Boyd, 16,

Marissa Boyd-Stingley, 18,

Joseph Brewer, 16,

Ladarius Brisco, 17,

Joseph Brittman, 19,

Coderro Brown, 17,

Tevin Bryant, 19,

Brandon Byars, 19,

Antonio Calhoun, 19,

Anthony Camarillo, 18,

Julius Campbell, 14,

Miguel Cancel, 19,

Angel Cano, 16,

Jahkl Carpenter, infant

Omar Castel, 17,

Frances Colon, 18,

Antonio Cooper, 18,

Ed Cooper, 15,

Pierce Curry, 17,

Victor Damian, 15,

Leetema Daniels, 17,

Miguel Delaluz, 17,

Miguel Delgado, 19,

Fearro Denard, 18,

Anthony Dickerson, 17,

Ray Dorantes, 14,

Carla Eguez, 5,

Antonio Fenner 16,

Raymond Galloway, 16,

Cornelius German, 16,

Tracey Gipson, 18,

Ulysses Gissendanner, 19,

Raymond Godfrey, 19,

Javier Gonzalez, 17,

Jesse Gonzalez, 18,

Antione Green, 19,

Darryl Green, 17,

Natasha Green, 19,

Leroy Griffin, 18,

Davonta Grisson, 19,

Ashley Hardmon, 19,

Jami Harmon, 19,

Marquise Harris, 16,

Tyrone Hart, 18,

Lavander Hearnes, 14,

Damani Henard, 14,

Aaron Hubbard, 18,

Andre Hunter, 19,

Tyttrell Jackson, 19,

Jamal Jones, 19,

Maurice Knowles, 16

Alexander Lagunas, 18,

Christopher Lattin Jr., 15,

Tyrone Lawson, 17,

Jaelin Lusk-Slaughter, 19,

Akeem Manago, 19,

Oscar Marquez, 17,

Dionte Maxwell, 19,

Alexander Mayo, 19,

April McDaniel, 18,

Tommy McNeal, 14,

Herb Ibraihim Yousef Mohyddin, 18,

Arrell Monagan, 16,

Dante Mondragon, 17,

Fernando Mondragon, 18

Sergio Mora, 19,

Miguel Naverrette, 15,

Michael Orozco, 14,

Jaleel Pearson, 18,

Uriel Quiones, 19,

Christopher Ramirez, 16,

Kevin Rivers, 16

Angelina Rodriguez, 1,

Marcus Rush, 19,

Jonathan Santiago, 19,

Sterling Sims, 5,

Keith Spencer, 18,

Layla M. Stewart, 2,

Torri Stewart, 19,

Patrick Sykes, 15,

Margui Thompson, 15,

Abdul R. Trull, 16,

Donovan Turnage, 11,

Marcus Turner, 19,

Jorge Valdez-Benitez, 18,

Victor Vega, 15,

Ezequiel Velasquez, 17,

Eduardo Venagas, 18,

Miguel Villegas, 15,

Jonylah Watkins, infant,

Jah’niyah White, 2,

Malcolm Whitney, 16,

Darnell Williams, 17,

Stephon Wright, 18.

Source: Chicago Homicide Watch

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