How to press a candidate who lives in a bubble

Written By Carol Marin Posted: 08/23/2014, 12:25am

Bruce Rauner, the Republican candidate for governor, has created an almost impenetrable bubble around his candidacy to prevent the press from getting too close. But he’s just the most recent in a long line of politicians to do so.

Before Rauner, there was Rahm Emanuel, who ran for mayor in the same way Emanuel’s former boss, Barack Obama, ran for president. By keeping a careful, highly controlled distance from reporters who had serious questions.

Access limited.

Photo ops maximized.

Sound bites strategized.

Reward reporters who seem willing to stay on the candidate’s message.

Punish, whenever possible, those who do not.

None of this is new.

Just ask Bob Crawford, Chicago’s dean of political reporting, who for 33 years was the reasoned, analytical voice of news radio’s WBBM-AM.

He lived and breathed politics, and follows it to this very moment.



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