Ex-CEO of company in red light camera bribery scandal indicted

Written By Kim Janssen Posted: 08/13/2014, 04:45pm

The former CEO of the company at the heart of Chicago’s growing red light camera bribery scandal has been federally indicted.

Karen Finley — the 54-year-old former boss of Redflex Traffic Systems — was indicted Wednesday, three months after city worker John Bills was charged with taking bribes to help Redflex win the city’s lucrative camera contract.

Bills also was indicted Wednesday, as was his pal Martin O’Malley, who allegedly funneled the kickbacks.

The indictment alleges that Redflex officials, including Finley, paid Bills $570,000 cash and gave him perks, including an Arizona condo and a Mercedes in exchange for Bills’ steering contracts that grew to $124 million to Redflex, helping make Chicago the nation’s red light camera capital. 

Finley, of Arizona, was Redflex’s chief executive from 2005 through February last year, and its vice president of operations from 2001.

She faces 12 fraud counts and four bribery counts. The feds say she was at a meeting at the John Hancock Center in 2003 when Bills gave Redflex the inside dope on how to win contracts.

After Bills told Redflex it was “time to make good,” she then hired O’Malley, 73, of south suburban Worth, as a contractor so that he could pass bribes on to Bills, and later deleted emails and lied on disclosure forms to cover up the scheme, it’s alleged.


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