Rauner's business reputation takes a blow in fraud case

Written By Mark Brown Posted: 08/10/2014, 10:21am

The indictment this week of two high-level employees of one of the many companies that form the basis for Bruce Rauner’s wealth drew renewed attention to a central conundrum of the governor’s race.

At what point does Rauner bear responsibility for problems in his wide-reaching business empire, or does he just get credit for his money-making success?

For more than a year now, Rauner’s opponents — whether Republican, Democrat or just plain anti-Rauner — have struggled with the challenge of how to exploit his record as a businessman.

It’s the only record he has, of course, being someone who has never previously been involved in the public arena and therefore never having been forced to cast an unpopular vote or make a decision on a matter of public policy.



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