Gov. Quinn's all and sundry thanks to Walgreens

Written By Michael Sneed Posted: 08/10/2014, 02:45pm

The Quinn bin . . .

Gov. Pat Quinn, our populist patron, had a unique way of saying thanks on the corner of happy and healthy this week.

El Jefe went shopping.

◆ To wit: On the day it was announced the iconic Walgreens drugstore chain had agreed to keep their headquarters in Illinois — and not take advantage of tax breaks overseas — our irrepressible governor went shopping.

◆ To wit, again: Quinn, who claims he is nearly a daily shopper at Walgreens, hit their flagship shop at State and Randolph streets Wednesday afternoon to buy a few things after the good news.

◆ Quinn’s grab bag included:

1.) Shaving cream.

2.) Razor blades.

3.) A new toothbrush.

4.) Granola bars.

5.) A banana.

6.) And a strawberry smoothie before exiting — after careening over to the medical aisle to say hi to the pharmacist who gives him his flu shots.

◆ Supplication: Sneed is told Quinn also spoke with Walgreens chief Greg Wasson over the phone Wednesday and thanked him for sticking with Illinois.


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