Standing up to the People of the Gun

Written By Laura Washington Posted: 07/28/2014, 01:57am

It’s a picture-perfect summer day, bright sun, sparkling skies. And here I am, stuck waiting for another press conference in another stuffy meeting room.    

Up front stood a bundle of boys and girls, 25 or so, preschoolers in pigtails, strapping youths sporting football jerseys, assembled at the podium, to pose with the politicians and preachers.      

What’s wrong with this picture? These kids should be in play lots, parks and backyards. They should not be props at a photo op at a West Side church, waiting for the boring adults make boring their speeches. Perversely, this is the best place they could be — in a church, flanked by the big shots, sheltered from the epidemic of gun violence that is killing Chicago.     


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