Karen Lewis angling to field aldermanic slate

Written By Michael Sneed Posted: 07/19/2014, 09:36pm

The mayoral race . . .

CTU chief Karen Lewis, who would like to grind Mayor Rahm Emanuel into a pulp, has pink slips she plans to pass out before she green lights a mayoral bid.

Sneed is told she has plans afoot to boot black Chicago aldermen who support Rahm.

“She’s hoping to seize growing black discontent over Rahm’s school policies to field candidates to unseat the black aldermen who are constantly showing up at Rahm’s side in photo ops, supporting him and his policies,” said an informed Sneed source.

“Karen Lewis wants to be known as the ‘Great Validator,’ and will use this time to set up her own constituency among working class African-Americans to dictate the tone of the race in order to take out Council members who support Rahm,” the source said.

“Whether she runs or not, Lewis wants to set the agenda.

“She’s as tough, obnoxious and viscerally vocal as the man she detests, and she will either decide to run against Rahm — or use this time to gain enough power to deflate his power and lead the charge to select a consensus black candidate to unseat him,” the source added.

Foxy? Stay tuned.


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