Kids paying for failure to control borders

Written By Steve Huntley Posted: 07/16/2014, 07:09pm

The waves of children and mothers from Central America washing over into the United States unleashed so much anger and outrage for the simple reason it confirms suspicions that our national borders are out of control.

President Barack Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid can talk all they want about our borders being more secure than ever. But the images of this mass migration tell a different story. Also telling another story is bipartisan legislation advancing in Congress to speed deportation hearings for these immigrants and change a law covering them.

The argument is that we have to take in these children, many of them teenagers, because of a 2008 law aimed at protecting kids from sex trafficking. The irony is that the law now encourages and rewards other traffickers, so-called coyotes who charge thousands of dollars to smuggle children from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala to the United States.

While the law has been around for nearly six years, the start of the surge appears to have coincided with Obama’s unilateral — and quite probably extra legal — 2012 executive decision to grant amnesty to illegal immigrants brought to this country as children before 2007.


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