Looking for Larry in "Holy City"

Written By Carol Marin Posted: 07/11/2014, 06:25pm

I’m looking for a kid named Larry Davis.

Finding him has been harder than I anticipated.

Larry should be about 15 by now. I say “should be” because in the shooting parts of this city, the teen survival rate is also not what it “should be.”

I last saw Larry in 2010 when he was 11 and I was covering an anti-violence rally in the North Lawndale neighborhood outside of William Penn Elementary School.  The same school that was on lockdown this June as a shooting victim lay bleeding in front of it. Nobody wanted little kids walking out of school to witness it.

Larry was a fifth-grader when I met him. He was already an old soul, serious as a heart attack about his diminished prospects of reaching adulthood.

When he hears gunfire?

“I either duck or when I duck, I just pray to God that this just stops,” he said. “Every day our teacher talks to us about . . . how do we feel about Holy City, how do we feel about the violence?”


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