Quinn accuses Rauner of tapping loopholes to shift tax burden

Written By Natasha Korecki Posted: 07/08/2014, 06:46pm

Standing before a group of workers at Plumber’s Union Hall in Chicago, Gov. Pat Quinn accused his Republican gubernatorial opponent Bruce Rauner of tapping tax loopholes to “slash” his own tax burden and “shift that burden onto working people.”

Quinn called on the multimillionaire to disclose his full tax schedules from 2013. Rauner, who made $53 million in 2012, received a six-month extension on filing his 2013 tax returns and will release them on or before the new Oct. 15 due date, his campaign said Tuesday. Last year, Rauner released his form 1040 for 2010, 2011 and 2012.

In a campaign in which Democrats are playing up income inequality issues, Quinn held a news conference that called on Rauner to further disclose details related to taxes he’s already released as well as future releases. Quinn’s remarks come after a Tribune report detailing loopholes that Rauner had tapped in previous filings, including avoiding paying Medicare and Social Security taxes in 2010 and 2011.

“The schedules tell the tale, all the details needed to determine if there are conflicts of interest and what loopholes are being used by Mr. Rauner to slash his tax burden and shift that burden onto working people,” Quinn said.  ”We don’t need a loophole governor and that’s what Rauner is all about.”

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Quinn responded to the Rauner campaign calling the news conference a stunt, saying ”I think the stunt is … [Rauner] not paying into Medicare or Social Security from their private income.” 

Margaret Healy, a sixth grade Chicago history teacher at Chicago City Day School, held up her pay stub and talked of living in a basement apartment and sometimes borrowing her parents’ car to make ends meet.

“If you were to look at my pay stub … you would see that I pay Social Security and Medicare, however, it is somewhat mind-boggling that Bruce Rauner has managed to avoid payment to either of these programs,” said Healy. 

On Tuesday, Rauner released a statement saying he has been forthcoming with financial information, and he intends to release his taxes when they were ready.

 “Seven months ago, I was happy to pro-actively release three years of tax returns, disclose every company that does business in the state and pledge to put all my assets in a blind trust when I am elected, and I look forward to releasing my 2013 returns when they are ready,” Rauner said in the statement.

Rauner’s campaign has also said the candidate and his wife have given back to the community through charitable donations totaling $13 million in recent years. 

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