Schneider raises $795,000; Dold $610,00 in 2Q for Illinois10 race

Written By Lynn Sweet Posted: 07/07/2014, 06:42pm

WASHINGTON–In the big battle for the Illinois 10th congressional seat, Rep. Brad Schneider D-Ill. raised $795,000 in the second quarter ending June 30, besting former Rep. Bob Dold R-Ill.  who collected more than $610,000,  their campaign managers, Jamie Patton and James Slepian told me on Monday.

Schneider and Dold are in a rematch for what is likely to be the most expensive House race in Illinois this cycle, with the national GOP and Democratic House political operations targeting the North Suburban and North Shore district. Schneider narrowly won in 2012, defeating Dold who served one term. 

 Schneider will report $1.9 million dollars cash on hand. Dold will report about $1.65 million cash on hand. 

 Patton said some “60 percent of Schneider campaign donors this quarter gave to the campaign for the first time, signaling rapidly growing support. More than 86 percent of donors this quarter contributed less than $100. …More than 10,000 donors have contributed to Rep. Schneider’s re-election campaign.” 

While Schneider and Dold are doing an enormous amount of fund-raising, their cash balances only tell part of the story. Outside groups are poised to pour major dollars into the race on both sides.




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