Cook County still leads nation in black population: Census Bureau

Written By Art Golab Posted: 06/26/2014, 01:07pm

Cook County gained about 13,000 inhabitants in 2013 and remains the county with the largest black population in the nation, according to Census Bureau estimates of population, race and Hispanic origin released Thursday. 

Most of the growth in Cook County came from the Hispanic and Asian communities, with the county actually losing 4,300 whites and 8,300 blacks, according to the estimates.

Total population also increased in the five other counties of the Chicago metro area. But in four of those counties — DuPage, Lake, Will and Kane — white population also declined. Those declines were more than offset by growth in Hispanic, black and Asian populations. 

McHenry County showed the only increase in white population, while posting drops in black, Asian and Hispanic totals.





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