Quinn to employees: No more free parking

Written By slawson Posted: 06/24/2014, 01:02pm

Gov. Pat Quinn aims to save taxpayers more than $100,000 by reducing free parking for state employees in downtown Chicago, his office announced on Tuesday. 

Quinn told state agencies to eliminate 80 paid parking spaces, which is more than 30 percent of the total spots reserved.

The reduction also includes cars parked in downtown garages available for employees to share.

“By eliminating these parking spots for many state officials, we will save taxpayers another $100,000 annually,” Quinn said in a prepared release.

According to Quinn’s administration, parking spots are appropriate for employees who do consistent fieldwork including visits to prisons and social service offices, but not for employees who spend the majority of their work time in the office. 

As Quinn heads into the summer campaign season, the governor is propping up a series of cuts, including a reduction in property leases. On Monday, the administration announced a reduction in its leases, claiming a savings of $55 million.  ”Since taking office the Governor has saved taxpayers more than $220 million by consolidating or eliminating more than 2.5 million square feet – roughly equivalent to emptying out Chicago’s Trump Tower,” a release from the governor’s office touts.

Quinn’s opponent, Illinois GOP gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner, has repeatedly criticized the financial health of the state under Quinn, saying more can be done to cut waste. Rauner has proposed cutting benefits to Illinois lawmakers to help cut state costs by replacing their pensions with 401 (k) s and taking a 10 percent pay cut.



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