Paul Vallas: Bruce Rauner 'chickened out' with waste-cutting plan

Written By Stefano Esposito Posted: 06/13/2014, 07:51pm

Gov. Pat Quinn’s running mate on Friday blasted Republican Bruce Rauner’s recently unveiled proposal to cut government waste as “a joke” and horrendously short on details.

“Rauner had an opportunity to present a vision, a partial vision of how he was planning to address the critical needs of the state and for all practical purposes, yesterday he chickened out,” said Paul Vallas, running for lieutenant governor.

Vallas, speaking to reporters at a downtown hotel, was making a thinly veiled reference to a Rauner press event this week during which the gubernatorial candidate displayed live chickens to illustrate what he said was a wasteful program to boost the state’s prairie chicken population.

On Friday, Vallas held Rauner’s slender plan in one hand and a three-inch-thick copy of Quinn’s proposed state budget in the other.

“This is like a juvenile prank,” Vallas said. “This is what we’ve been waiting 465 days for?”

Vallas said “real cuts” include things that Quinn has already done, such as closing 50 state offices and having 4,000 fewer state employees.

“Only a failed governor like Pat Quinn would reject a billion dollars in cuts to wasteful spending and advocate raising taxes on hard-working families instead,” Rauner campaign spokesman Mike Schrimpf said in response. “Even Paul Vallas has admitted Quinn’s failed to reform spending.”


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