Rauner has early 10-point lead over Quinn, poll shows

Written By Chad Merda Posted: 06/12/2014, 01:35pm

The election may be nearly five months away, but for now, Republican Bruce Rauner has a solid lead over Gov. Pat Quinn, a new poll shows.

Reboot Illinois, which was founded by hedge fund manager Anne Dias Griffin, commissioned the poll by We Ask America, an independent polling subsidiary of the Illinois Manufacturers’ Association.

The poll, which was conducted June 10 and 11 among 1,075 registered voters asked a basic question heading into November: “If the election for Illinois governor were held today, for whom would you vote?”

Rauner received the vote from 47 percent of respondents, campared to 37 percent for Quinn, with 16 percent saying they’re undecided.

The poll also shows that Rauner has more support from within his own party. Of those who identify themselves as Democrats, 69 percent support Quinn. On the Republican side, 83 percent are throwing their support behind Rauner.

“History teaches us to not make strong assumptions from these early polls,” said We Ask America CEO Gregg Durham. “Four years ago, Pat Quinn trailed Bill Brady by 10 points in August and fought his way back to win a close victory. Rauner’s lead in the collar counties and downstate is strong and may hold, but Cook County is the real battle ground.”

When broken down by gender, the gap between Rauner and Quinn among males is nearly 20 percentage points.

Some good news for Quinn is that for now, he has solid support in Chicago, but less than he had in 2010, when he received 75 percent of the vote within the city.

Griffin has donated $5,000 to Rauner’s campaign in March of 2013 and $20,000 to the Illinois Republican Party, state campaign records show.

She also is a major donor to Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who received $100,000 from her in 2010.

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h/t: Reboot Illinois

Contributing: Dave McKinney

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