Rahm to Clinton: 'Hillary. Dead Broke. Really?'

Written By Natasha Korecki Posted: 06/11/2014, 02:15pm

Rahm Emanuel queried former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in Chicago on Wednesday about her ‘dead broke’ remarks in an interview with Diane Sawyer.  

“Hillary, ’dead broke.’ Really?” the Chicago Mayor chided. 

“That may have not been the most artful way of saying that Bill and I had gone through a lot of different phases in our lives. That was then, this is now and obviously we are very fortunate,” Hillary Clinton said. ”We’ve been given great opportunities. I had a wonderful public school education when I was in Park Ridge. My husband, who was much less well off than most people I knew growing up also had great teachers, great education. So we’ve been blessed. We also have gone through a lot of ups and downs like most people but clearly we’re very grateful for the opportunities we’ve had.”  

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Clinton, on the first speaking event for her book tour in Chicago, acknowledged those were probably not the best choice of words to describe her situation with her husband, following their time in the White House. The former U.S. Secretary of State made the remarks in an interview with ABC News, referencing the legal bills facing the couple. She has since faced a flood of criticism for them, including on Twitter where users used the hashtag: Hillaryispoor.  

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