Quinn might be looking better to Rahm right about now

Written By Mark Brown Posted: 04/23/2014, 08:02am

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Maybe this will finally convince Mayor Rahm Emanuel that he’s better off with fellow Democrat Pat Quinn as governor.

Emanuel’s loyalties in the governor’s race have been the subject of much speculation given his contentious relationship with Quinn and personal friendship with Republican Bruce Rauner, who helped the mayor get rich during his brief stint in private business.

Despite  Emanuel’s public endorsement of Quinn, I can tell you I’ve certainly been among those who thought the mayor would prefer Rauner in the governor’s office.  They speak the same language.

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But a rather blatant display of political opportunism by Rauner on Tuesday — at Emanuel’s expense — ought to convince the mayor to re-evaluate what it would be like having his much wealthier friend in the Executive Mansion.

By launching a campaign to whip up opposition to a property tax increase that Emanuel has said he plans to support to shore up two city pension funds, Rauner unfairly targeted Quinn to take the blame.

But in urging Chicago homeowners to help him pressure Quinn to veto Emanuel’s hard-fought pension deal, he also is seriously undermining the mayor, prompting Emanuel to strike back late Tuesday.


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