After pension torpedo, will Emanuel, Quinn mend fences?

Written By Michael Sneed Posted: 04/07/2014, 09:19pm

Ramming Rahm . . .

Mayor Rahm Emanuel, a heat-seeking missile, just got bazooka’d by Gov. Pat Quinn’s populist popgun.

◆ Translation: The pile driver just got poked.

◆ To wit: Rahm may be a tough cookie, but he got bitten in the butt by Quinn’s refusal Monday to back Rahm’s plan to solve the city’s pension crisis on the back of Chicago’s property tax payers.

◆ Upshot: It forced Rahm, the tough, foul-mouthed scrapper and tough, taciturn Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan, D-Chicago, to erase language from legislation mandating a huge Chicago property tax hike.

◆ Hmmm: It begs the question: Didn’t Rahm know how Quinn felt about the property tax hike in the first place?

◆ Wow! How is Rahm, who is a close friend of GOP gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner, going to heal this ow ow now?

Ironically, Quinn dissed the property tax increase while announcing a massive plan to fix Chicago’s potholes with state funds.


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