Quinn open on gaming expansion: 'Could come up this year'

Written By Natasha Korecki Posted: 04/07/2014, 03:33pm

Gov. Pat Quinn is open to a gaming expansion proposal as long as ethical restrictions were put in place, he said on Monday, adding that work on the issue was headed in the right direction.

“I’ve said this before there are fundamental principles that apply to a casinoin Chicago or elsewhere. You’ve got to have strong ethical standards and they have to be enforced and I think it has to be done by the independent Illinois Gaming Board. I think we should also prohibit casino owners from giving campaign contributions to politicians. I think we’re moving the right direction on that. I also think any of the resources that come from a casino have to go toward important purposes that really matter, they should be fundamental priorities,” Quinn said Monday. “I think that issue could come up this year. I’m always willing to sit down with the City of Chicago or any other people on this issue. But it has to follow these fundamental principles.”

Quinn made the remarks during an announcement that $100 million was going toward local street improvements across the state including to fix potholes. At one point, Quinn was asked about his opponent Bruce Rauner’s contention that Indiana is thriving as a state, more so than Illinois.

“I don’t think anyone can compare to Illinois when it comes to investing in roads,” Quinn said. “We are the best. I think our businesses understand that in order to do business in the world economy you’ve got to have good transportation.”

Then Quinn slammed Illinois’ neighbor for how it dealt with brutal weather conditions over the past winter.

“With respect to Indiana, I saw that I-65 was closed down for a couple of days during the severe winter,” Quinn said. “We don’t close down roads in Illinois.”

Of course, there was this:

Lake Shore Drive in February 2011.

This winter where we were hit with one snowstorm after another, there were plenty of warnings of impassable roads in Illinois.

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