The many facial expressions of Hillary Clinton

Written By Chad Merda Posted: 08/14/2014, 01:46pm

Joe Biden may be the most photogenic vice president in history, but Hillary Clinton is on the verge of becoming the most photogenic U.S. politician we’ve ever seen.

After combing through the Hillary archives, she’s given us some incredible, and equally unfortunate photos.

The wide variety of facial expressions (and body language, in some cases) are like none we’ve ever seen before. Of course, it’s bound to happen when you’re a public figure and have had thousands of photos taken of you over the years.

Here’s a closer look at some of our favorites.

The tired and inquisitive look?

The “please buy my book” look.

The shocked look.

Eyes wide open.

The “I didn’t do nothin’” look.

The “I’m looking into your soul” facial expression.

The toothy grin.

The “Crown Royal” look.

Here, Hillary appears to be channeling some psychic powers.

So adorable.

The “deer in camera lights” facial expression.

A tribue to “Happy Days” and The Fonz, complete with an “Ehhh” and a double thumbs up.

Even we’re not sure what’s going on here.

Or, you can them at once in GIF goodness. Thanks, Jezebel.

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