Live Video, Blog: Illinois General Assembly moves to approve same-sex marriage bill

Written By mgilmer Posted: 11/20/2013, 01:19am

UPDATE: The house has voted to approve the bill which now heads back to the Senate due to the amendment tacked on. @ILSenDems reported they will take up the bill this afternoon/evening to pass and send to Gov. Quinn. The video below is from the Senate chambers. Alternate video is here.

EARLIER: The vote to approve SB 10, the bill to allow gay marriage in Illinois, could come today. Keep tabs with live video of the IL State House below and live updates from Springfield below that. Alternate video can also be found here. The state house is currently undergoing debate after an amendment was approved to make the bill effective on June 1, 2014 and, thus, lowering the required votes to pass the bill to 60. If passed, the bill will go back to the Senate for approval and then on to Gov. Quinn.

More updates as they become available.

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