CTA identifies sites potentially affected by Belmont bypass

Written By BY ROSALIND ROSSI Transportation Reporter Posted: 04/25/2014, 05:50am

The Chicago Transit Authority on Friday released the addresses of 19 buildings and 11 additional properties that could be impacted by plans to build a rail bypass north of Belmont and upgrade the north end of the Red and Purple lines.

Officials had previously said that up to 19 buildings would be affected, but on Friday they shared the news that an additional 11 vacant lots, parking lots or air rights of other properties could be needed.

The $320 million bypass is needed to separate the northbound Brown Line from the Red and Purple lines and prevent a bottleneck that delays thousands of riders every day, CTA officials say.

That leg of work would affect 16 buildings, including many in the 3200 block of North Wilton and the 3300 to 3400 block of North Clark. Additionally, a vacant lot, two parking lots and the air rights of two additional properties, at 3324 and 3326 N. Clark also could be seized, according to addresses released Friday by the CTA.

Another leg of work involves station upgrades from Lawrence to Bryn Mawr. That work could affect three buildings — one extending from 4837-4887 N. Broadway, another from 5637-5643 N. Broadway and a third at 5657 N. Broadway.

Air rights would be needed from two other properties, and three parking lots and a lot with “power distribution equipment” are also targeted.

A list of targeted properties can be found at http://bit.ly/1gXANw9

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