AP hacked: Takes down bogus report about Obama

Written By Lynn Sweet Posted: 11/20/2013, 01:21am

WASHINGTON–The Associated Press was hacked Tuesday with the perp posting a whopper.

Two things could not be true: White House Press Secretary Jay Carney going on at length on Syria and other topics at the White House briefing–with all the network reporters sitting calmly in their front row seats– at the very same time the AP was reporting there were two explosions at the White House and President Barack Obama was injured.

The AP later removed the tweet, but not before Carney and, in an unusual move the AP White House reporter–who by tradition gets the first question–made a statement when the briefing started.

“Thanks, Jay. I just want to say at the top that it appears as though AP’s Twitter account has been hacked. So anything that was just sent out about any incident at the White House is actually false and we’ll be putting something out hopefully shortly to clarify that, if that hasn’t happened already,” AP reporter Julie Pace said.

Replied Carney, “Good. I thank you for that. I appreciate that. And I can say that the president is fine. I was just with him.”

The Chicago Sun-Times Lauran Berta tracked the Twitter posts–and how stocks briefly dropped at the fake news.

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