Chicago women who have a lot to say in 140 characters or less

Written By By ADRIENNE SAMUELS GIBBS Staff Writer Posted: 03/24/2014, 12:03pm

Chicago has plenty of Twitter superstars. What sets some social media monsters apart is their personality. It’s pretty easy to follow celebrities, or newspapers or radio stations. And men. (Ahem — recent Chicago Twitter lists mostly cite men.) If you really want to get some unfiltered dirt or read something that inspires a laugh, follow these folks. Through their Twitter feeds, these women set the scene on Chicago culture. (This is not an exhaustive list; head to to discuss.)


Luvvie Ajayi, 29, is the acerbic personality behind the blog “Awesomely Luvvie.” She’s a Lake View resident who alternately points out and pokes fun at the ridiculous in pop culture while also big-upping important news about sexually transmitted diseases. This “pop culture prima donna” is hilarious to boot. She runs the Red Pump Project, which raises money and awareness around AIDS. With 28,300 or so followers (and several accounts), she’s also a beast in the social media game. But the best reason to follow Luvvie? Her “Scandal” tweets.

Twitter philosophy: “Whether I’m making folks laugh or think, I try to express big ideas in small spurts.”


Patrice Grell Yursik, 35, is the beauty blogger-turned-digerati queen who always informs about the best of the day’s beauty and fashion. She’s the kind of blogger and tweeter who openly addresses how skin tone, texture, hair type and hair texture impact a product’s usefulness. In other words, she’s inclusive. MAC worked with Yursik to create a custom lipstick. Vogue works with her too. While you’re online, take a gander at the folks who follow the South Loop resident. Twitter cred indeed.

Twitter philosophy: “Twitter is basically the world’s biggest conference room. . . . I try to engage, be myself, share information others find interesting and helpful, and be just as welcoming and warm as I am in real life.”


Feminism. Poetry. Chicago. Celebrating the life of being a brown girl in the city. These are topics near and dear to Erika Sanchez, aka the “Latinamisfit.” Like others here, the 29-year-old from West Town is a writer. Her timeline offers a much-needed diversity of perspective. And mirth.

Twitter philosophy: “I like interacting with other women on Twitter. It’s a way to engage in conversations with people who are afar. I talk about food constantly because I’m always hungry. And I do like to promote what I think are important articles about immigration and women issues.”


This food blogger from Ukrainian Village has a fun take on all things Chi-town, plus she devotes a healthy amount of her timeline to retweeting others. Follow Audarshia Townsend, who also runs popular food blog 312diningdiva, and get informed about the local dining scene.

Twitter philosophy: “I tweet everything I drink and eat.”


When it comes to news or commentary concerning Latinos and women, Veronicaeye’s is a good account to keep tabs on. Veronica Arreola doesn’t specialize in off-the-chain commentary, but the West Rogers Park resident, who is 39, does have a wide reach and an engaged audience. Her list of “WiseLatinas” living in Chicago is one worth subscribing to.

Twitter philosophy: “I tweet things that I just need to get out there. . . . It’s a little bit of therapy.”


Also known as “The Fed-up hipster,” Jamie Nesbitt Golden, 37, is the queen of personality-driven Twitter banter. The Hyde Park mom is hysterical and often illuminating.

Twitter philosophy: “I just like to have fun and to engage folks thoughtfully. I think people see Twitter as this space where productive conversations can’t happen, but I’ve seen them happen. It’s a great space where people can exchange ideas and vibes, and I’ve seen a few minds changed just off of one conversation.”


Twitter: @adriennewrites

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