‘Dating Naked’ doesn’t faze La Grange man

Written By By JANE MICHAELS Sun-Times Media Posted: 09/01/2014, 07:49am
Array Scott Foody of La Grange talks about his experiences as a contestant on "Dating Naked" a new VH1 cable show. | Jane Michaels/Sun-Times Media

Scott Foody is a man who’s comfortable in his own skin — and nothing else.

Foody, a 32-year-old programmer and tech support specialist from La Grange, was selected as a cast member on “Dating Naked,” a new VH1 cable offering. His episode airs at 8 p.m. Thursday.

“I’m very adventurous. Anytime something like this comes up I haven’t done, I’m all in,” Foody said. “I didn’t have to think twice.”

Foody, a 1999 graduate of Riverside-Brookfield High School, said he heard about the show from a friend and decided to apply in February. Twenty minutes after sending an email and photos, he was called for an interview.

“They wanted to send me to a tropical island to go on dates,” he said. “They would take away my stuff, all electronics and my clothes, but I thought, I’m OK with this. Where’s the downside?”

The premise of the show is the dating relationship of two main characters who each meet two other prospective love interests on additional dates in an idyllic tropical setting.

“For most people, it’s the naked aspect. If you remove that, it’s just a dating show on a tropical island,” Foody said. “We’ve all seen naked bodies. As Americans, we’re a little bit more prudish than the rest of the world.”

Foody said the dates featured a variety of activities, including kayaking, horseback riding, surfing, dune buggy rides, yoga, zip lining and a mud bath massage.

“You can get to know somebody just as well without clothing,” he said. “You give each other the up and down, and then it’s pretty much eye contact with the occasional glance.”

Foody said he talked about the usual topics with his date, including family, friends and favorite activities. “If anything, you get a little bit more comfortable with that person, because you’re more exposed, and you’re more exposed emotionally, too,” he said.

Being in the buff and meeting new people was “a little weird at first,” Foody admitted, especially when working with a production crew of 20 people.

“Then you just focus on having a good time and you kind of forget,” he said.

Foody has made a practice of getting the most out of life and trying new experiences since joining the Army after high school, where he played football and basketball and ran track. He served four years in the 101st Airborne Division and was deployed in Afghanistan and Iraq. After the Army, Foody completed an undergraduate degree in business and marketing and is finishing a master’s degree in accounting and financial management. He said he’d like to earn a doctorate with a specialty in information technology and teach at the college level.

Foody said his parents, who live in Western Springs, are aware he was selected to appear on a new reality TV show, but don’t know the exact details.

“My dad will probably shake his head, and I’m not sure about my mom,” he said.

When asked whether he found true love through the experience, Foody smiled and said, “You’ll just have to watch the show.”

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