Prosecutors: Man brags about ‘Fat Man’ tattoo during alleged rape

Written By BY RUMMANA HUSSAIN Criminal Courts Reporter Posted: 07/22/2014, 03:54pm

A South Side man who raped a woman during a home invasion bragged about his “Fat Man” tattoo during the attack and repeatedly asked the victim if she’d be his girlfriend, Cook County prosecutors said.

Milton Lewis allegedly kissed the woman throughout the sexual assault and showed her his tattoo on his lower right arm that read “Fat Man.”

Lewis told the woman that his name was “Fat Man,” Assistant State’s Attorney Glen Runk said.

Right above that tattoo, Lewis, 28, has another tattoo that reads, “Love mom” on his upper right arm, according to a police report.

Lewis kicked in the door of the woman’s apartment Saturday and injured himself when he bumped his head while looking for items to steal, Runk said.

The victim, who was in a towel, heard the noise and found Lewis in her apartment, Runk said.

Lewis dragged the woman by her hair, dragged her naked down the stairs and attacked her in a lot near the 6300 block of South Justine, Runk said.

The woman, 30, kept pleading for Lewis to let her go and told him that she had a child in the apartment, but Lewis allegedly kept attacking her until he heard a man walk across the lot.

That prompted Lewis to carry the woman back to her apartment, Runk said. Once inside, Lewis allegedly put his shirt on the woman. The shirt had Lewis’ blood from the head wound he received from bumping his head earlier, Runk said.

A witness who saw the victim called 911 and Lewis was arrested when police officers spotted him drinking near the Justine address, authorities said.

Lewis, of the 1500 block of 64th Street, was ordered held without bail for home invasion and aggravated criminal sexual assault.


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