Feds break up Harvey drugs-and-gun crew

Written By BY KIM JANSSEN Federal Courts Reporter Posted: 07/16/2014, 11:00am

A firearms and drugs trafficking crew which traded heroin and cocaine for stolen guns in Ohio, then sold those guns in south suburban Harvey has been broken up by federal agents, prosecutors say.

Seven men with alleged ties to the operation — including one who allegedly sports a face tattoo announcing he’s a cop killer — have been charged with gun and drug crimes in federal complaints unsealed this week.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives says it has seized at least 19 weapons, including assault rifles, shotguns and pistols from the crew.

Led by Aubrey Burks, 22, the men travelled back and forth between Harvey and Marion, Ohio, trading drugs for guns, which were often stolen, prosecutors say.

Burks — who allegedly carries a .45 caliber pistol with a “Grim Reaper” illustration on the handle — confessed in April to buying between 12 and 15 guns a month from junkies in Marion, including AK-47 assault rifles, and selling them for as much as $600 each in the Chicago area, according to a criminal complaint.

Another defendant, Ant Galvan, 19, sold six of the guns to an undercover agent in January and February, the feds allege.

Galvan allegedly told the agent that he could easily get more guns at an Indiana gun show, where gun sales between private collectors do not require paperwork — a loophole that has long exasperated Chicago law enforcement.

“No background, no nothing,” Galvan allegedly said. “The guns out there are cheap.”

According to the complaint, Galvan sports a tattoo above his left eye that reads “H.P.D.K.,” which Galvan told the agent that the letters stood for “Harvey Police Department Killer.”

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