Prosecutors: Teen handcuffed, tortured by father and godfather for stealing money

Written By BY BECKY SCHLIKERMAN Staff Reporter Posted: 07/29/2014, 06:13am
Array Jose Quilabaqui / photo from Chicago Police

The father and godfather of a 15-year-old are accused of handcuffing the teen for days — beating him, pouring buckets of iced water on him and spraying him with cold water, authorities said.

Jose Quilambaqui and Carlos Quizhpi were ordered held in lieu of $90,000 bail after they appeared in court Thursday on kidnapping charges, according to the Cook County state’s attorney’s office.

The incident allegedly began on June 14 when the teenager took money from his godfather, Quizhpi, who lives in the 4900 block of North Whipple Street.

Quizhpi contacted the teen’s father, 40-year-old Quilambaqui, of the 3200 block of North Richmond Street, to tell him what the boy had done, prosecutors said.

The next day, Quizhpi brought the teen to a barber shop he owns and that evening he and the teen’s dad handcuffed the boy with his arms behind his back and forced him to sleep in the basement of the barbershop, prosecutors told Judge James Brown.

The next morning, Quizhpi, 53, allegedly made the teen strip down to his underwear and he sprayed the boy with water from a hose while the teen washed himself with a bar of soap.

Then Quizhpi and Quilambaqui “struck victim with a belt while he was forced to kneel and ask for forgiveness,” prosecutors allege.

After that, the teen worked throughout the day for his godfather, only to be handcuffed again that night, prosecutors said. The next morning, he was hosed again, prosecutors said. This time his dad allegedly watched.

Then both men “poured buckets of ice water on victim as he was kneeling on the ground,” prosecutors said.

The teen then worked again and was handcuffed again later that night.

This time, he was handcuffed to a Miter saw and slept on a piece of drywall using an unidentified witnesses’ sweater as a pillow.

The two men charged allegedly continued pouring ice water and spraying the teen on different, unspecified dates, prosecutors said.

The teen was handcuffed every night until he escaped June 23 with the help of the witness, who worked for Quizhpi as a contractor/handyman, prosecutors said.

The witness helped the teen by “leaving the back door, which had been screwed [shut], unscrewed so victim could get out,” prosecutors said.

The teen was treated at a hospital and released.


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