Hi-ho! Tina Fey drawn to Kermit in new Muppets movie

Written By By cindy pearlman For Sun-Times Media Posted: 03/17/2014, 05:38pm

LOS ANGELES — How do you know if you’re the right woman for Kermit the Frog?

“I’m much less work than Miss Piggy,” says Tina Fey, who vies for the amphibian’s affections in “Muppets Most Wanted,” opening Friday.

“You can give my character Nadya a bag of hot rocks as a present. She doesn’t care, which is perfect,” says Fey, who adds, “Kermit is a cheap date.”

The new film finds the Muppets embroiled in a jewel heist in Europe when a Kermit look-alike and his dastardly sidekick start to give felt critters a bad name.

Playing the overseer of a Russian prison where Kermit is locked up, Fey even licks the frog. “My husband knows all about it,” Fey jokes. “I’ve filmed a lot of weird stuff at home, but to have a whole crew there was tough. Kermie did put me at ease.”

The 43-year-old mom of two daughters — Alice, 8, and Penelope, 2 — Fey says she loves being in a family film.

“I really like trying to make kids laugh,” she says. “Kids love jokes, but the thing is they want to be in on the joke.They want to get it. You watch for that a-ha moment with them.”

The Second City alum also has to sing. “Have you ever seen the movie ‘Oliver’?” she poses. “You hear a hiss in the background when I sing, too, and then you know how loud they had to turn up the microphone to hear me.”

Post “30 Rock,” Fey’s career continues full tilt. She and Amy Poehler already are set to host the Golden Globes next year.

“I love the show because people get up and say what they want and sometimes movie stars get drunk and say what they want,” she says. “It’s also an opportunity to show my fitness level. Fifty weeks a year to prepare for that show.”

She has a series in development called “Tooken,” about a woman (Ellie Kemper) who escapes a cult and starts over again.

In her “Bossypants” book, now in paperback, one topic discussed is aging. “The three secrets of getting older in Hollywood are to moisturize, stay out of the sun and be Italian,” she jokes.

Of course, she has other concerns about being over 40 in Hollywood. “I have straight Greek eyebrows,” Fey says. “They start at my hairline at my temples and left unchecked will grow straight across my face and onto yours.

“It’s a worry.”

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