Opel to build a Buick model for U.S. market

Written By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Posted: 03/28/2014, 02:18am

BERLIN — General Motors Co.’s Opel unit plans to build a model at its main German plant that will be sold as a Buick in the U.S.

Opel plans to invest $337 million in its main German plant, Ruesselsheim, to handle the new model.

This comes as Opel announced it will end its small presence in the Chinese market — a decision its chief executive describes as long-overdue.

GM’s struggling European subsidiary said Friday its sales in China will end next January. The company says 22 Opel dealers in China last year sold 4,365 vehicles — a tiny fraction of the 810,000 sold by GM’s Buick brand.

Opel CEO Karl-Thomas Neumann says “it would have cost hundreds of millions of euros to raise awareness of the Opel brand and to expand the distribution network.”

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