Woman tells of brief affair with Kustok

Written By BY MIKE NOLAN Sun-Times Media Posted: 03/22/2014, 06:45am
Array The Orland Park home of Allan and Anita Kustok is seen in this file photo. Allan Kustok is charged with murdering his wife of 34 years in the home. | Matthew Grotto~Sun-Times Media

A stand-up comedian who met Allan Kustok on a website for married people who want to have affairs testified Thursday that the two had sex at a Michigan hotel a few months before his wife’s slaying.

Kustok, 63, is charged with murder for allegedly killing his wife with a .357-caliber revolver on the morning of Sept. 29, 2010, in the family’s Orland Park home.

Prosecutors plan to have women with whom Kustok allegedly had extramarital affairs testify at his murder trial in an attempt to show that Kustok was unhappy in his marriage and wanted a divorce. The couple had been married 34 years.

Antoinette Kregelka, a comedian who said she also works as a private investigator, testified that the July 14, 2010, encounter was the only time that she and Kustok had sex, but that they continued to correspond through phone calls, emails and instant messaging.

“He was the one pushing for it (sex),” she said, but acknowledging that she was a willing participant.

Kregelka’s testified out of earshot of the jury — and before prosecuting and defense attorneys have had a chance to give their opening arguments. Because she’s leaving Friday for a planned trip out of the country, her testimony was videotaped and will be shown later to jurors.

Attorneys’ opening statements were rescheduled to Friday after defense attorney Rick Beuke slipped on ice on his way into the Cook County courthouse in Bridgeview where the trial is being held. Although taken to a local hospital, the attorney was not seriously hurt and returned to the courthouse later Thursday.

Kregelka and Kustok had met earlier in 2010 through the website ashleymadison.com, which touts itself as the “world’s leading married dating service for discreet encounters.”

Married to her second husband at the time, Kregelka, now in her third marriage, said she was looking for an “exclusive” partner in an affair and that Kustok gave her the impression that “he wanted to be that one guy.” She described Kustok as a “tall, good-looking, smooth-talking guy.”

She said she has worked in comedy for 30 years and met Kustok after she performed at a comedy club in Lansing, Mich. He had told her he would be in the region in connection with his work.

Although Kregelka said she doesn’t drink alcohol, they met at a bar she was familiar with for a “meet-and-greet,” and Kustok was a “very demonstrative person.”

“He hugged me really tight,” Kregelka, who lives in Michigan, said, and that he “kind of grabbed my butt a little bit.”

She said they started out on opposite sides of a booth, but he later slid over to her side and pulled her close to him, with his arm squeezing her breasts.

“It was subtle,” she said.

Kustok “kept insisting he gave excellent foot rubs,” and at one point gave her a foot massage in the booth, Kregelka testified.

She said he spoke of his children, Sarah and Zak, in “glowing terms” but didn’t mention his wife, although Kregelka acknowledged that spouses were not high on the list of conversation topics. Kregelka said she has five children.

She told Kustok she was “not interested in a one-night stand,” and he let her know “he wanted to begin a physical relationship.”

During questioning by one of Kustok’s lawyers, Kregelka insisted that the meeting wasn’t supposed to lead to a sexual encounter.

“The purpose of the meeting was to see if there was a chemistry,” she said. “We weren’t going to meet and have sex just because he showed up.”

But Kregelka said Kustok was “very pressy” and she “felt pressured” by him to engage in sex.

“I was hesitant and he was ardent and aggressive,” but “not in a sense I was afraid or anything,” she testified.

He drove to a nearby hotel where they had sex, and Kregelka acknowledged that “in the end I freely went.”

Kregelka said she didn’t know Kustok’s full name until May 2011, when two Orland Park police detectives came to her home. They questioned her but did not tell her that Kustok had been charged with his wife’s murder, and she denied the two had sex, she testified.

She said she was “embarrassed” to admit it and “didn’t want to be involved” in whatever investigation was going on. Kregelka, however, said “the guilt was eating me up,” and she called police the next day to apologize and admit that she and Kustok “had in fact been intimate.”

Circuit Court Judge John Hynes agreed Thursday to allow trial testimony by Rod Englert, who, through re-creations of the shooting, concluded that it was unlikely that Anita Kustok shot herself.

Englert, a former homicide detective, said he believed Kustok likely stood next to the couple’s bed and pointed the revolver at his wife’s left cheek. He based his conclusion in part on blood spatters on the couple’s bed and pillows and on Kustok’s clothing.

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