Police investigate ‘sexting’ at Barrington middle school

Written By SUN-TIMES MEDIA WIRE Posted: 04/08/2014, 04:48am

Police are investigating reports of students “sexting” images to one another at a middle school in Barrington, school officials said.

A “small group” of students were involved in “ ‘sexting’ inappropriate images among themselves” using smartphones, Barrington Middle School-Station Campus Principal Craig Winkelman said in a prepared statement.

The statement, which was emailed to parents Monday, said all of the students believed to be involved have been identified and their families have been contacted. The incident is also under investigation by the Barrington Police Department.

Disciplinary action could be “severe,” and criminal charges may result from the students’ actions, Winkelman said.

“The real tragedy is some students were victimized in this incident,” Winkelman said. “Protecting their privacy and their wellbeing are the school’s highest priorities. Those students who were most directly involved are receiving the appropriate care and counseling despite the pending consequences.”

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