Sneed exclusive: County workers can’t carry concealed weapons in the field

Written By BY MICHAEL SNEED Posted: 03/14/2014, 05:54pm
Array Common | AP

Packing heat a no-no!

Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle is dropping the hammer!

Watch for Preckwinkle to issue orders this week restricting about 6,000 Cook County employees who work in offices under the president from packing heat while on the clock.

“She is closing a loophole in the state’s concealed carry law,” a Preckwinkle source said.

Cook County’s personnel rules already prohibit employees from possessing unauthorized weapons at work.

“Preckwinkle is now expanding the policy by restricting weapon carrying while working outside of county buildings and in the field,” the source added.

◆ Translation: The new rule has a primary focus on those who work in the field, including building inspectors, highway and transportation workers and facilities personnel.

The Forest Preserve District plans to adopt a similar rule, and the Cook County Health and Hospital System is considering such a policy. Preckwinkle is going to urge other elected officials to make the same change.

◆ End shot: The state’s concealed carry law permits only law enforcement officials to bring concealed weapons into public courthouses and municipal buildings, which includes Cook County’s roughly 5,600 sworn sheriff’s officers.A Rose is a rose . . .

Is the ’fro still a go?

Chicago Bulls star Derrick Rose, 25, who is recovering from surgery on his second major knee injury in two years, exited a silver Rolls-Royce last Saturday at Chicago Cut Steakhouse, looking all tressed out with his longer haircut!

◆ Stat chat: His table was surrounded by security; he had a girlfriend in tow; he chawed on chicken and veggies and skipped cocktails. Now aren’t you glad you read Sneed?

Reid need . . .

$$$$: A private lunch hosted by U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is being tossed in Chicago this weekend to raise big bucks for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.

◆ The kicker: Invitees, who are being asked to contribute between $10,000 and $34,000 to attend, are not being told where to go until they RSVP. Foxy.

Vroom doom . . .

Hmmm: Conservative pundit Sarah Palin, who lost her Fox News job but is still earning bucks on the lecture circuit, has just put her motor home up for sale.

◆ The Palin post: On Facebook over the weekend: “For those who followed us in our travels during the One Nation Tour and ‘Sarah Palin’s Alaska’ TV show in our Country Coach Lexa . . . we are downsizing.”

◆ The Palin price: $279,000.

A royal bit . . .

Marry Harry? Now comes word that the girlfriend of England’s Prince HarryCressida Bonas, 25 — is related to former British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill. The dancer/socialite is Churchill’s first cousin three times removed. Good grief.

The flip side . . .

News that Joran van der Sloot, the longtime suspect in the 2005 disappearance in Aruba of American teen Natalee Holloway, will finally face U.S. criminal charges in the case is not bringing a smile to Holloway’s mom, Beth.

◆ To slapshot: The suspect in Holloway’s alleged murder won’t be extradited until he is released from a Peruvian prison in 2038, at the earliest.

As the worm turns . . .

Hoops goof Dennis Rodman, 52, who apparently used rehab to de-stress, rather than detox, since getting blasted for trips to kiss-kiss North Korean strongman Kim Jong Un — tells ESPN: “If you don’t want me to go back there ever again, I won’t go back.”

◆ Queried the Worm: “What makes me this bad, awful person?” he asked, while wearing a double nose ring, white, large-lens sunglasses, and a black fedora sprouting black feathers.

Sneedless to say, need we say more?

I spy . . .

Actors John Cusack and D.B. Sweeney had dinner at bellyQ on Tuesday night . . . Food Network Chef Anne Burrell had dinner at River North’s Siena Tavern on Friday evening . . . and Manu Ginobili from the San Antonio Spurs came by Rosebud on Rush Wednesday for lunch.

Sneedlings . . .

Thursday’s birthdays: William H. Macy, 64; Common, 42, and Dana Delany, 58.

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