Jennie Garth’s book recalls her real-life soap opera

Written By By ADRIENNE SAMUELS GIBBS Staff Reporter Posted: 03/06/2014, 02:24am

Jennie Garth went from “Beverly Hills 90210” goddess to the subject of tabloid magazines to, most recently, a single mom of three who is reinventing herself in Hollywood. Life hasn’t always been spectacular since her much-buzzed about (and seemingly amicable) divorce from Peter Facinelli, but the ’90s TV alum knew she had to get it together when her eldest daughter gave her a self-help book and some advice: “In the wise words of my daughter: ‘S— happens, so get over it. You gotta roll with the punches and keep on moving.’ ”

That’s what she did. And that’s the spirit with which she wrote her first memoir, “Deep Thoughts From a Hollywood Blonde.” Garth, 41, attempts to set the record straight about all the stuff most magazines buzz about.

“I think that there are a lot of inaccuracies out there [about me,]” says Garth. “I wanted to share my perspective on a lot of things. I’m a really creative person so I have to be doing something all of the time. A good way to start is to write what you know.”

She’ll be in Naperville for a signing at 7 p.m. Thursday at Anderson’s Bookshop.

Q. You discuss some painful memories of your divorce in the book. Did you ever consider deleting some of those moments from your drafts?

A. I ended up talking myself into leaving [those moments] in because I wanted to be honest and share that part of me with people in hopes that it would help connect and heal them. I read the audio version and it was very hard for me to get through reading aloud. But I wouldn’t change anything.

Q. You’re back in full swing with the upcoming series “Mystery Girls” with Tori Spelling for ABC Family and “The Jennie Garth Project” for HGTV. How do you balance all that work and single motherhood?

A. I’m also doing a photography show at Project Gallery, and I’m starting a production company. It’s funny that I do all of these things between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. I try to do everything while my girls are at school and then I’m all theirs.

Q. What’s a benefit to divorce?

A. One of the benefits is having a little bit of extra me time when the kids are with their dad. Then, I have chunks of time where I am allowed to do creative thinking and doing. I could sit on the couch and be sad and feed bad for myself, or I could be productive and do something.

Q. You’re from Urbana, so I’m assuming that means you have an awesome winter coat for your visit?

A. I’m a little nervous. I’m very ill-prepared. I’m in a transition house and all of my stuff is in storage. The coat that I have is not Illinois ready … I’ll bring the sunshine.


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