Police: Woodridge dad kills 3-year-old daughter, himself

Written By By BECKY SCHLIKERMAN Staff Reporter Posted: 05/08/2014, 09:54am

A man stabbed his 3-year-old daughter to death Friday in Woodridge and then took his own life, police said.

Officers found Robert Bzdek, 34, dead at a home in the 2700 block of Meadowdale Lane around 4:30 p.m. Friday and his daughter Zuzanna still alive but with multiple stab wounds, according to the police.

Zuzanna was taken to Edward Hospital in Naperville, where she died in surgery, police said.

No other details were released by police, who called the incident a murder-suicide.

“This is just a tragedy,” a female relative, who declined to give her name, said Saturday. “Nobody is ready to [talk].”

Zuzanna’s older brother created a website seeking donations to bury the little girl he called Zuzia.

“The whole family would really appreciate if each person contributed some sort of dollar amount for our cause, and, to every contributor, thank you sincerely for your time and support given such an atrocity,” Emanuel Szyszka wrote.

Emanuel Szyszka, the girl’s brother and the dead man’s stepson, said:

“My sister was a wonderful child that could brighten anyone’s day with

her glorious smile and charming personality. She loved the songs

‘Gangnam Style’ and ‘Pop Pop Americano,’ pleading with us in her cute

voice to constantly repeat the songs to the point of annoyance. She

loved to enjoy life, and although she sometimes had her spoiled

moments and would say she hated one of us, she would get over it in

minutes and want to play with us and have us chase her around.

“She will be deeply missed, and we will never forget her as long as we live.”

About what happened, he passed along his Facebook posting:

“At 4 p.m., I came home to grab my gymnastics stuff for practice, and

when exiting my room, I noticed bloody footsteps leading from the

bedroom. I knocked on his door and he said that he cut his feet on

glass. I went downstairs to leave and grab a drink for practice, but

something wasn’t right. So I tried looking through the bedroom window

to see what was going on. The curtains were shut and I couldn’t see

anything. I sprinted up the stairs and tried to force the door open to

no avail and my shouting for him falling on deaf ears. After calling

the cops, I learned that he had committed suicide by hanging himself

in the room. I watched as they carried out my limp sister out the

door, and heard the police say that she was still breathing. Not until

much later, did I learn that he had stabbed by precious Zuzia in the

chest before he hung himself. The doctors at the hospital worked their

hardest to try and save my angel, but they couldn’t and she was

pronounced dead around 4:50 p.m. In an attempt to escape the troubles

of the painful divorce, my stepfather killed my sister, and then


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