Sneed: Quinn torpedoes Emanuel

Written By By MICHAEL SNEED Posted: 04/08/2014, 02:12am
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Ramming Rahm . . .

Mayor Rahm Emanuel, a heat-seeking missile, just got bazooka’d by Gov. Pat Quinn’s populist popgun.

◆ Translation: The pile driver just got poked.

◆ To wit: Rahm may be a tough cookie, but he got bitten in the butt by Quinn’s refusal Monday to back Rahm’s plan to solve the city’s pension crisis on the back of Chicago’s property tax payers.

◆ Upshot: It, and legislators unwillingness to pass the pension plan, forced Rahm, the tough, foul-mouthed scrapper and tough, taciturn Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan, D-Chicago, to erase language from legislation authorizing a huge Chicago property-tax hike.

◆ Hmmm: It begs the question: Didn’t Rahm know how Quinn felt about the property-tax hike in the first place?

◆ Wow! How is Rahm, who is a close friend of GOP gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner, going to heal this ow-ow now?

Ironically, Quinn dissed the property-tax increase while announcing a massive plan to fix Chicago’s potholes with state funds.

Oh, oh, Oprah!

Dollar diva Oprah Winfrey, the megabucks maven, was asked by a TMZ photographer if she gets hit up a lot for money.

Obviously, the answer is yes:

“So when I was making $22,000 a year, people always need $50,” Oprah chirped.

“Then when I moved to like $50,000, everybody also needed $500,” she added.

“Now nobody needs anything less than $50,000,” she said.

Cop shop . . .

Harmony & grist: Mayor Emanuel, who has got agita over the city’s pension crisis and police contract, is having breakfast with newly elected CPD union President Dean Angelo Tuesday morning to reset the panic button and chart a new course.

Hillary hoopla . . .

Sneed’s biggest Monday chuckle: A description of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her ability to freeze out possible Dem presidential contenders.

“She’s Gladys Knight and all the rest of them are the Pips,” said top Dem donor Robert Zimmerman.

All in the family . . .

Close family friends of former President George H.W. Bush claim former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, whose name is being floated as a possible GOP presidential contender, is a clone of his father — whereas his brother, former President George W. Bush, is more like their mother, Barbara.

◆ Now that Jeb Bush’s name is being floated as a possible GOP contender for the nation’s next odd-numbered president (45) following in his father (41) and brother’s (43) footsteps . . . know this: Their close friend, former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice’s name is also being floated in the recipe mix as a running mate.

Wiltin’ Gregory . . .

Pew stew: Ostensibly in hopes of remaining on the Vatican’s short list to replace ailing Cardinal Francis George, who has had a recurrence of cancer, Atlanta’s Archbishop Wilton Gregory — who hails from the South Side of Chicago — has agreed to sell the $2.2 million home he was set to move into.

◆ Caught off guard by the vocal outrage of parishioners for not keeping in line with Pope Francis’ austerity mode, Sneed is told Gregory tried getting out in front of an expected papal punch by claiming to be “disappointed in myself,” but calling the decision “an aberration rather than a pattern.” (Be still my Catholic tongue.)

◆ A history note: George, a clergyman of simple needs, wanted to sell the Chicago cardinal’s mansion when he first hit town because it flew in the face of living austerely and simply — but was blasted by the archdiocese for wanting to do so. Go figure . . . and what a difference a pope makes.

Scent of a woman . . .

Scent service: Bonnie baby Prince George was left with a nanny while dad and mum, Prince William and wife, Kate, attended to royal duties in New Zealand. But all was well. The wee prince had his blanket doused with Kate’s scent . . . er, perfume . . . to keep calm, don’tchaknow.

Sneedlings . . .

Tuesday’s birthdays: Julian Lennon, 51; John Gavin, 83, and Patricia Arquette, 46.

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