Taxes are going up; debate is how

Written By BY MADELEINE DOUBEK Posted: 08/23/2014, 12:16am

Our governor candidates, for now, have set aside the prairie chickens, the scary fairy tale mascots and the juvenile fake press releases.

We all know we’re in deep in Illinois and we finally have a sign from Republican governor nominee Bruce Rauner that he recognizes it, too.

We’re facing billions in unpaid bills and are carrying worst-in-the-nation pension debt. We’re not creating jobs or economic activity fast enough. And the sad conclusion is, we’re all going to pay. Our taxes are going up.

If Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn wins, he’ll push for making the 5 percent income tax rate permanent. If Rauner wins, he’ll push for sales taxes on services and take his four-year term to bring down the income tax rate to the 3 percent mark, where it was before Democrats raised it.


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