So much for Obama R-E-S-P-E-C-T

Written By By LAURA WASHINGTON Posted: 07/06/2014, 08:14pm

Two weeks later the letters and blogs are still rolling in, reacting to my June 23 column, “Disparaging the president is Uncalled for.” Many echoed Terry Maher of Chicago (the letters are edited for space):

“Seeing that you’re so agitated by ‘disparaging’ criticism of the president, could you please forward me all of the columns (there must be dozens, I’m sure) that you wrote decrying the vicious, vile and despicable things that were written and said about President Bush? Thanks, I’ll be over here turning blue from holding my breath.”

Others added to the vitriol: “Yes, Ms. Washington, ‘R-E-S-P-E-C-T’ is how the song goes,” wrote Frank Kalisz of Brookfield. “However, respect is earned, not acquired with a title. This impostor, Barack Obama, Barry Soetoro, or whatever his name is, has not earned one ounce of R-E-S-P-E-C-T! But worst of all, it is people like you, who cannot stand to see a black man fail so miserably that they cannot see the demise of this once great country that he and his cronies have made happen.”

It seems to me that the attacks on this president come more often from people of high status and power. It should be beneath them. And do two wrongs make a right?

Chicagoan Joe Pipolo argued that “this idea if you criticize the president makes you a racist is absolutely ridiculous. We voted for a black president twice and you Dems and libs are still relying on the race card. President Obama is not a very good leader, he was never qualified and you can’t run a country on charisma.”

Ray Young is “not a fan” and never voted for Obama. Yet, he “is still the president of the United States! It is so horrible to see all these attacks on the president in TV ads and editorials. I wish all political parties could just talk about themselves rather than the other parties.”

Rosemarie Sulek of Chicago: “Besides the open and not-so-open racism exhibited toward the president at every turn, (the attacks) result from the enormous insecurity and basic jealousy of politicians toward Barack Obama (or any black person) as president. This is, to say the least, an embarrassing and shameful reflection on our entire country. This is not a generational issue or a Southern issue, it is plain ignorance of the highest measure. History, I believe, will set the record straight.”

“The blame for disparaging the president has to be placed solely on the shoulders of President Clinton, The culprit is Bill Clinton,” wrote Mike Kirchberg of Chicago. Clinton “used the Oval Office for oral sex with Monica. He cheapened the office like no other president had before him or after him. After his sordid eight years were over, so many Americans were no longer of the opinion that the president of our nation was special.”

Kevin Currid of Palatine concluded that “a lack of civility seems to know no political boundaries. Few are above reproach. The best I can do is to not practice incivility myself (as best I can) and encourage others to stop where possible, regardless of their political stand. There are many issues today to be passionate about. However, we’d be a much better nation and state if we all genuinely respected each other.”

As another song goes: “Oh, wouldn’t it be nice.”


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