Hawk Harrelson considers cutting back schedule with White Sox

Written By BY DARYL VAN SCHWOUEN Staff Reporter Posted: 08/29/2014, 10:40am

White Sox broadcaster Ken Harrelson is considering cutting back on his workload next season, possibly to cut back on most if not all road games.

Harrelson told the Sun-Times Friday that that he hasn’t made a decision but that having more time to spend with his family, particularly his two grandsons, is appealing to him.

“They’re playing baseball now and they need me to be there for them,’’ he said. “That really is a big factor. That’s the no. 1 issue.’’

“I havent made a decision yet. We have talked about it but I have a lot to think about and a lot of time, all winter, to think it over.’’

Harrrelson, who will turn 73 on Sept. 4, began his brodcasting career with the Red Sox in 1975 and joined the White Sox in 1981. This is his 30th year in the booth, which he left to become Sox general manager for one year. After one year, he resigned as GM and resumed his broadcasting career on Yankees telecasts for two seasons.

It’s not uncommon for broadcaster to scale back on workloads and travel toward the end of their career, and Harrelson has been asked about that possibility with more frequency of late. Harrelson said he has discussed it with others who have told him it’s the best decision they’ve made. But that wouldn’t come easy for the “Hawk”.

“I still love what I do,’’ he said.

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