Sneed: The flip side of billionaire’s divorce drama

Written By BY MICHAEL SNEED Posted: 10/05/2014, 07:38am
Array Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan had a bottle of “Two-Buck Chuck” delivered to Gov. Pat Quinn after learning GOP gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner belongs to a pricey wine club. | Provided photo

The Griffin divorce . . .

It’s the latest chapter in a Chicago billionaire’s divorce drama.

An explosive response Tuesday by Anne Dias Griffin to the abrupt divorce filing by her billionaire hubby Ken Griffin last month — alleging her premarital agreement was signed under duress and that he left the home when she was pregnant in 2012 — was met with this flip side from a source within the Ken Griffin camp.

The marital prenup, which reportedly was not revisited or revised during their marriage — paid Anne Dias Griffin millions of dollars while the marriage lasted, and he spent many nights at their home during the marital separation, the source said.

“She has an MBA from Harvard and is a hedge fund manager and it would be hard to believe she was cajoled into signing the prenup,” the source said. “He is also devoted to his children.”

“Ken is a fourth-generation Chicagoan and his Achilles heel is his three kids,” the source added. “She wants to move them to New York. He wants to raise his kids here.”

The gloves are indeed off — and the stakes raised.

So sad.

Tales from the bottle . . .

Gov. Pat Quinn just received a “brown bag” from Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan.

It was a bottle of “Two-Buck Chuck,” which is slang for Charles Shaw, an inexpensive wine sold at Trader Joe’s.

It was accompanied by a handwritten note, which read:

“Dear Pat, Enjoy a bottle from one of my favorite ‘clubs.’ Lisa”

◆ Explanation: The gift was in response to news that uber-wealthy Bruce “Everyman” Rauner, Quinn’s GOP gubernatorial opponent who owns nine homes and paid $100,000 for an extra parking spot — admitted this week that he is a member of an elite wine club in the Napa Valley that cost more than $100,000 just to join.

Cherchez la femme!

It’s kiss and hiss — a la Francais!

Apparently, French President Francois Hollande has been trying to get the love of his life back in the sack — but she is responding with a tell-all memoir titled “Thank You for This Moment,” to be published Thursday.

Journalist Valerie Trierweiler, France’s former first consort, has written details of her bust-up with Hollande after she discovered he was delivering more than coffee and croissants on his motorcycle to actress Julie Gayet.

Alors! The breakup apparently sparked a new passion in Hollande, who bombarded her with passionate text messages, even texting her during meetings with President Barack Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Good grief!

“He tells me he is going to win me back as if I was an election,” she was quoted in French magazine Paris Match.

Ironically, Hollande, whose popularity is at an all-time low — may have a little competition from his predecessor, former French President Nicolas Sarkozy — who is expected to announce a decision on a political comeback this weekend.

His wife, singer/model/actress Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, is apparently furious at the prospect.

Who knows. She might have a memoir stuffed in her guitar.

I spy . . .

Actor Jack McBrayer, star of “30 Rock,” stopped by Tortoise Club on Friday night . . . As word spread over the weekend that bikini model Kate Upton had been hacked — and nude photos purported to be her spread across the Internet — she was spending a leisurely weekend in Chicago with her beau, Detroit Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander, and her mother.

Upton stopped by Rosebud Steakhouse on Friday afternoon with Verlander and then came back on Sunday night with her mother. On her first visit, Upton opted for a spinach salad . . . but on her second, she ordered the burger.

After Verlander’s game against the White Sox on Saturday, the pair stopped by Chicago Cut — and Upton wore a demure, full-length black dress.

Sneedlings . . .

Hey! Hey! Watch for the Jackie Robinson West Little League team to appear on WLS-Channel 7’s “Windy City Live” at 11 a.m. Thursday. Coaches and their parents will be part of the studio audience! Host Val Warner says she never really watched a baseball game until she started to catch the JRW fever . . . and was hooked . . . Thursday’s birthdays: Beyonce Knowles, 33; Anthony Weiner, 50, and Damon Wayans, 54.

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