Jessica Alba admits it’s all a sexy act

Written By By SUE ONTIVEROS Posted: 06/02/2014, 12:02pm

Actress Jessica Alba may have founded the Honest Company, but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t told a fib or two.

While promoting her latest movie — “Frank Miller’s Sin City: A Dame to Kill For” — the 33-year-old has been in confessional mode.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Alba admitted that when she was starting out she didn’t quite understand why everyone thought she was so sexual, but she didn’t dissuade them from that notion, either. In fact, she told EW, she’d pretend that she was more sexual than she actually was.

“Sometimes I would lie and say something that wasn’t true to make myself seem more interesting than I was,” she told the magazine.

This caught my eye because over the years Alba has topped various sexiest females’ lists. For some reason the idea that this woman who sets men a drooling in truth is nothing like what they think gives me a chuckle.

In fact, to further burst the bubble of those who have salivated over her movies and photos, she describes herself as “a prude.” Displaying her well-regarded body is all in a day’s work. A carpenter’s gotta saw, a ballerina has to plié and an actress like herself must strike a pose, preferably in very little clothing.

And it’s not only in movies where she is faking it. “I’m also playing a character when people are taking pictures of me,” Alba told EW. “That’s what I do, but it is not who I am.”

(Yes, I know, an entire column could be written pondering why actresses have to behave like sex sirens and not simply be performers. That’s not this column.)

Parents, this is news you can use! Share it with the kids, particularly daughters, who see celebrities like Alba in provocative outfits and think that’s how they have to dress for the piano recital or homecoming dance.

I’d equate it to what we did with my son when he was little and insisted we watch pro wrestling on TV. The entire time we’d be saying, “This is a fake move because of X,” or, “If he smacked someone like that in real life, he’d kill ’em.” Eventually he got bored with it (or, as he put it, “Dad ruined it for me”) and stopped watching.

So, in spilling the truth, Alba’s done females everywhere a favor by reminding us, hey, this is all make-believe. These are the requirements of her job, nothing more.

Because young girls see actresses like Alba succeed wearing not much and think: this is what I need to do, too. Not really.

But here’s the other thing I took away from Alba’s comments: If females do want to wear an eye-catching outfit, that doesn’t mean it defines them in some way. It doesn’t turn them into the rude terms males yell out to them on the street. No shame in showing what you got, Alba’s telling us. And if someone makes something more of it than it is, that’s their problem, not yours. I like that.

Jessica Alba might have to act like she’s a sex kitten, but that’s her job. In most other walks of life females don’t have to do that. So there’s no reason our girls need to then.


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