Bulls have no comment on Donald Sterling controversy

Written By BY JOE COWLEY Staff Reporter Posted: 05/28/2014, 06:53am

WASHINGTON — Most of the Bulls’ traveling party didn’t have all the information regarding the alleged racist comments made by Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling to his girlfriend V. Stiviano, so the overwhelming opinion was to not comment.

“I don’t know enough about the situation to pass judgment,’’ center Joakim Noah said. “I don’t know if it was him or what was going on. But it’s an unfortunate situation. It’s really sad that there’s still people who think that way.

“But right now, my focus is on this team and controlling what I can control. That’s my eggs Benedict [for brunch].’’

“I haven’t read it or seen the stuff that’s going on, so I don’t know enough to comment, but it sounds unfortunate,’’ said Mike Dunleavy, whose father was a coach and general manager for Sterling’s Clippers.

Coach Tom Thibodeau is close with Clippers coach Doc Rivers, but with both of them fighting to get out of the first round, it wasn’t a topic of discussion.

“Before I comment, I want to find out what was said,’’ Thibodeau said.

Dirty politics?

Noah was surprised to hear that the Washington Post published comments he made about Nene that he thought were off the record.

The paper quoted Noah as saying, “Looks like you’re going to lose Nene for a game. What a bummer. [Stinks] for you guys.”

The paper said that Noah then mouthed, “ ’Roid rage.’’

Nene was suspended one game for his altercation with guard Jimmy Butler.

“I don’t know what that was all about,’’ Noah said when asked about the Post using his comments. “I heard about that, but I don’t know what that was all about.’’

Full inbox

What was waiting for Dunleavy after a 35-point game Friday? A ton of messages.

“My iPad actually broke because I had too much stuff coming in and it shut down on me,’’ Dunleavy said.

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