For the first time since Jay Leno exited “The Tonight Show” last February, the veteran comic and talk show host is going back — but strictly as one of new host Jimmy Fallon’s guests. It all will take place on Friday night. Leno has been seen on “Tonight” since he left earlier this year, but not in the guest’s chair. He appeared in one of Fallon’s TV parodies: “House of Cue Cards.”

There had been rumors that Leno might show up on longtime rival David Letterman’s “Late Show,” but clearly Leno is staying loyal to NBC. That’s not surprising, since his “Jay Leno’s Garage” show about the world of collectible automobiles will debut on CNBC early next year.

However, a spokewoman for Letterman’s show did say that Leno would be welcome “at any time” on “Late Show.” That’s assuming before Letterman himself retires next year.