While Jim Carrey’s hilarious parody of Matthew McConaughey’s Lincoln TV commercials on last weekend’s “Saturday Night Live” rated raves from tons of of people, there’s word the Oscar winner was not particularly amused.

Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey

As McConaughey and his wife whisked through the L.A. airport this week, a few paparazzi and TMZ types got the cold shoulder and an icy stare when they shouted out questions to the actor about the “SNL” bit.

A source close to the star of “Interstellar” (opening next Wednesday) said that she’d heard “Matthew was not happy about that ‘SNL’ bit … especially the part where Carrey jokes about Matthew’s agent booking him in a car commercial coming off the Oscar win. That did seem like a bit of a low blow, especially considering Jim has never even been nominated for an Oscar.”

The source went on to theorize the car ad spoof may have been borne of Carrey’s jealousy.

From my perspective, he merely came up with a brilliant piece of satire, nicely supported by the “SNL” team.