While Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim’s team has laughed off the rumor the telecommunications mogul would be tapped by NBC to replace Donald Trump as host of “The Celebrity Apprentice,” a Chicago industrialist who knows both men told me Wednesday, “that whole idea is nuts anyway.”

According to the source, “Slim’s personality is totally unlike The Donald’s, and he would have no interest in becoming involved in something that would put him in such a media spotlight — especially now, given all the controversy caused by Trump’s comments about immigration. … Carlos is also a much more private individual than Trump.”

Officially, Slim’s representative issued a statement to TMZ in Spanish: “No creo que le interese. Esta muy ocupado sobre todo con Las Fundaciones y la labor social.” The translation basically says Slim is not interested because of his involvement and interest in his charitable foundations and other social work, which keep him very busy.

An added note: One of Slim’s companies, Ora TV, already has cut its ties to Trump on a proposed project, similar to the action taken earlier by Univision and Televisa.