Mike Tyson played roadside hero in Vegas over the weekend.



The TMZ website had a great line to describe Mike Tyson’s aiding a motorcyclist injured by a taxi on a Las Vegas highway: “Mike Tyson … he can hurt you bad, and help you good.”

The boxer witnessed Ryan Chesley being cut off in traffic by a taxicab on a highway near Las Vegas — leading the motorcyclist to go flying off his bike. Tyson immediately slammed on his brakes, jumped out of his car and stopped traffic. Realizing Chesley could be in shock, the fighter quietly comforted him and kept him calm until the paramedics could arrive.

Chesley, not surprisingly, is extremely grateful to Tyson for his efforts. The cyclist will certainly have a long recovery as he suffered multiple broken bones, plus injuries to muscles, ligaments and nerve damage. He also will be undergoing surgery on his shoulder.