While millions of Pierce Brosnan’s fans are very familiar with his acting, but probably a lot of them don’t know the former James Bond star is also a painter. The actor’s love of art is shared with Mariam Pare, a disabled artist who lives in Naperville and is a member of the Mouth & Foot Painting Artists group. Recently Pare visited Brosnan at his Malibu, Calif. home to present him with two of her paintings, one of him as “007,” and one as himself out of character.

While Brosnan and Pare visited, the two shared stories about how their love of painting had helped both of them deal with tragedy in their own lives.

The Mouth & Foot Painting Artists is an association of hundreds of disabled artists worldwide, who make their living by selling reproductions of their original paintings in the form of greeting cards, calendars and other items. For more information on the group and how you can help support those artists by buying their work, go to mfpausa.com.