KFC, florist team up to offer fried chicken corsage

Written By Sun-Times Wire Posted: 04/14/2014, 11:01am

What better way to display your love of fried chicken, specifically Kentucky Fried Chicken, than to wear a corsage to prom — complete with a greasy piece of poultry buried in it?

Now, thanks to a partnership between KFC and Nanz and Kraft Florists, you can. But you’ll have to hurry, as the florist is only selling 100 of them and according to the New York Daily News, 15 of them already have been spoken for.

Any of the $20 corsages that are shipped outside of the New York area will have silk baby’s breath.

And what about the chicken?

You won’t have to worry about giving your date food poisoning with some bad chicken that’s been shipped across the country, because you’ll get a $5 KFC gift check so you can pick up a fresh piece on the way to prom.

h/t: New York Daily News